Flex – the printing process of choice

All the t-shirts featuring my art works are printed using the ‘Flex’ process. This process is perfect for reproducing them, with their strong solid colours and graphic forms. So what is Flex?

What is Flex?

Flex is a printing technique where the design is cut from a coloured foil and then pressed onto the shirt under high heat.


Flex reproduces colours with a slight shine to them that contrast extremely well with fabric.


Text and imagery appears very sharp and precise using the Flex processs.

Longevity and Durablity

Tests by the manufacturer have shown that the form and colour of the Flex print barely change after 100 washes. It is made of a flexible and resilient material – even thin lines do not break.

Garment Care

To ensure that you get the maximum wear from your t-shirt, iron it inside out. The printed area is very easy to wipe clean.