The Story behind ‘Open Door’

A building begins its life inside the head of the architect, who sees in his minds eye what it will look like, and in his imagination how it will function.

But if his vision remains inside his head, nothing happens – the building does not build itself.

The architect has to create blueprints or drawings that describe the building in every detail so that other people can interpret his vision – what it looks like, and how it functions.

But until these blueprints and drawings ‘speak’ to the builders, plumbers, electricians and everyone else involved in the building project, describing how to turn the architects vision into a reality, nothing happens. The building does not build itself.

In the same way, our lives do not build themselves. They begin inside our heads, as we imagine what they will look like now and in the future, negative or positive. But once we begin to describe what we’ve seen there, they too become reality – we have opened the door.

Open Door
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